EV Spot Network: America's Largest Electric Vehicle Network

Renewably-Powered, Municipally-Owned & Minnesota Based.

It’s easier than ever to use an electric vehicle in the Twin Cities. The City of Saint Paul, in partnership with the City of Minneapolis, Xcel Energy, and HOURCAR, operates the EV Spot Network to support access to and the use of electric vehicles. The EV Spot Network is here to make the air cleaner, community closer, and future brighter. Based in Saint Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota, we’re on the road to do great things in our communities.

The EV Spot Network, brought forth by the City of Saint Paul, in partnership with Minneapolis, Xcel Energy, and HOURCAR, is America’s largest 100% renewably-powered, municipally-owned electric vehicle network. Focused on under-resourced communities, the EV Spot Network increases access to, and the use of, electric vehicles in diverse communities throughout Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

EV Spot Network

The EV Spot Network, launched May 13, 2022 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is America’s largest renewably-powered, municipally-owned electric vehicle network. The development of the EV Spot Network is based on community engagement and impact, releasing the 2021 Community Engagement Report.

EV Spot Charging:

EV Spot Charging provides over 280 on-street electric vehicle charging spaces in communities across Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Blue chargers are for personally-owned vehicles and green chargers are reserved for Evie Carshare charging. 

Evie Community Carshare:

Evie Carshare is America’s largest all-electric, renewably-powered, free-floating carshare service. Evie provides over 170 vehicles across 35 square miles of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. We’re expanding and coming to a neighborhood near you soon! 

Expansion Information

The EV Spot Network, founded May 13, 2022 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, was awarded over $3 million in funding from the US Department of Energy, Met Council Regional Solicitation grant, and others to expand east. With a focus of providing electric vehicle access along Metro Transit’s Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) expansion, the EV Spot Network is continuing our electric impact on communities across the Twin Cities.

To develop the first phase of the EV Spot Network, we relied on community engagement and impact, and we’re not stopping there! During the East Side Expansion, we are looking for feedback from community members to help us develop the most successful expansion possible.

Proposed Electric Expansion Includes:

  • 10 EV Spot Charging locations
    • Each location supports two charging ports for personally-owned electric car charging and two charging ports for carshare charging
    • 5 sites will be installed on-street in the East Side Community and the other 5 will be along Metro Transit’s Gold Line Expansion Project
  • Home Area expansion added to the Evie Carshare Home Area (3-5 car/square mile density required.)
  • Up to 35 free-floating Evie Carshare vehicles and 10 hub-based vehicles

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Community Partners Include:

Get Involved

As the EV Spot Network expands east, we need your feedback on where we should locate new charging hubs across the East Side, and how this service will best serve you and your community. Share your name and email address to stay in the loop with engagement efforts related to electric vehicle infrastructure in Saint Paul. 

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Wondering what it takes to be a neighborhood warrior? Turns out, not too much. All you have to do is show up at one community meeting and share your ideas and thoughts. If you really have a good idea, tell your neighbors to come along too!

All inforomation will be documented and carried forward for future processes. This means that you only need to attend one feedback session and you’re good as gold!